thoughtful discovery

Doing missional work requires a vision for how to engage your community, clearly articulated and intentionally shared.

It also takes on-the-ground practices that deepen connections within the community and strengthen individuals to move ahead in shared ministry.

Discerning Mission

Benedictine practices and emerging adulthood

Cheryl Fleckenstein shares insights from her DMIN research project, which explored Benedictine spiritual practices with emerging adults (particularly prayer, lectio divina, and work).

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Choosing faith over fear

Steve Cloer offers a nuanced and appreciative reflection on the missional transformation underway at Southside Church of Christ, in Forth Worth, TX. His article appears in the latest MissioDei Journal, which has many other excellent articles. Check it out!

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Acedia and leadership

Kathleen Norris, author of "Acedia and Me: A Marriage, Monks, and A Writer's Life" speaks at St. John's University in Collegeville, followed by a panel discussion on acedia (a state of being unable to care). The panel included two monastics: Br. Paul-Vincent Niebauer and S. Josue Behnen.

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Listening and learning our way into Christian community

Dr. Dwight Zscheile offers new ways to think about inviting people into Christian community.

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Exploring new media and religion

What is the new research telling us about how people of faith engage digital media? Heidi Campbell explains, noting that far from "logging on, plugging in and dropping out" -- which seems to be our fear -- people are using the net to become more relationally active.

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