God's People

God's People

How does God speak through individuals and congregations?

Discerning Mission

Should numbers count?

Festival of Homiletics - photo by LutherSeminary

One of the terms from the Luther Seminary "insider language" book that used to be bug me a lot was when people would start their description of their church by saying something like "we worship 200 on Sunday." I would immediately wonder: 200 what? Who are you worshiping?

Eventually I began to understand what people meant by that phrase, or perhaps just got more inured to it. In any case, the issue of "numbers" continues to fascinate pastoral leaders. Consider this post, for instance, where James

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What blogs do you read?

We're working on compiling a list of blogs to keep an eye on, and we'd like to include the blogs you read regularly, particularly blogs by Luther CML grads.

Check out Pr. Rob Moss' blog (at left), for instance.

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Responses to 'Love Wins'

Pastor and author Rob Bell has stirred the conversational pot in recent months with his newest book, Love Wins.

Responses to the book have varied widely, as this sampling of reviews reveals.

Bell's fellow emergent church leaders have also weighed in, as has Luther Seminary's own Dr. David Lose.

Some congregations have begun engaging Love Wins in small group studies.  Here a Luther seminarian shares the talking points they found helpful in discussing the book with congregation members.


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Young people asking big questions

The Meaning of Life

Dr. Michael Jinkins, the president of Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, notes that: "Young adults are searching for meaning that is not just of their own making and for purpose that transcends. They are looking for answers to life’s most persistent questions, the Big Questions, and they are finding in themselves longings unmet in a culture obsessed with itself and lacking a reference point for meaning beyond its own preoccupations.

The fact that the parents of many of these young people do

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The Economy of God

In this sermon, Rev. Nick Utphall ('04), a pastor serving just outside of Madison, WI, invites us to consider what God is up to in the midst of current events, and how we as children of God are called to live in a world full of civil tension.

7th Sunday after Epiphany – 20 Feb 11

Matthew 5:38-48; Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18

Hymn: Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace (ELW #716)

Collective bargaining.

It’s a term more familiar to us this week than ever before. For some, it was that it crowded

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