to God calling

In a world full of noise, distraction and overload, we are called to listen to God’s world, to God’s Word, to God’s people.

Deep listening comes first -- so that action is grounded, intentional and transformative.

Discerning Mission

Listening and learning our way into Christian community

Dr. Dwight Zscheile offers new ways to think about inviting people into Christian community.

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Exploring new media and religion

What is the new research telling us about how people of faith engage digital media? Heidi Campbell explains, noting that far from "logging on, plugging in and dropping out" -- which seems to be our fear -- people are using the net to become more relationally active.

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Practicing discipleship with youth


Terri Elton offers a compelling argument for how to practice discipleship with youth in a missional context.

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Do denominations have a future?

Long time followers of the missional church conversation will know that we have been grappling for some time with the challenges of institutionalized Christianity. Are denominational structures useful? Are there ways in which the decline of denominations might be opening up new room for the Spirit? These are questions we've long struggled with, yet they have not been particularly mainstream or popular questions. Imagine our surprise, then, when a column by Ross Douthat in the NYTimes evoked a full

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Prairie Star Ministries

Here's a short introduction to an innovative small church collaborative in southwestern Minnesota:

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