Discerning Mission

Practicing discipleship with youth


Terri Elton offers a compelling argument for how to practice discipleship with youth in a missional context.

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Adolescent Identity in the midst of Malls and Amazon.com — living in an alternative economy

My imagination has been captured lately around how identity is formed and shaped within our current culture. In particular, I have been concerned about the messages children, youth and young adults are encountering. As Christians, we have particular ideas around what it means to be a child of God, yet the consumer culture in which we live explicitly and subtly tries to shape our identity around that of consumer.

Recently I had the opportunity of contributing a piece to the Journal of Lutheran Ethics,

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A Faithful Future: Event Preview

Seventh Annual Consultation on the Missional Church

November 4-5, 2011

A Faithful Future

How does the church remain faithful, while also being open and imaginative?

The church finds itself at an important crossroads. Aspects of church are being questioned, new challenges are stressing current practices and old answers are not sufficient for current circumstances. In the midst of this reality, however, some believe that the future of the church has great promise.

Those participating in the Missional Church conversation

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