Discerning Mission

What is hospitality in a multicultural church?


Recent doctoral graduate, Harvey Kwiyani, talks about his dissertation research which involved working with three multicultural congregations in the Twin Cities area.

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Myths of "missional"

Tony Jones offers up  ten myths of the missional church. Kind of a fun take on it all, and I particularly appreciated his critique of the sacred/secular divide: "there aren't 'thin places,' every place is a 'thin place'!"

This same blog post has a great link to a Storified version of the Funding the Missional Church conference.

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Missional church planting

Nice to see that The Christian Century is finally able to see what some of us in this movement have known for a long time -- God is drawing forth new communities all over the place! We particularly enjoy seeing our own Mary Sue Dreier quoted approvingly.

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Remembering Trayvon Martin

How do we, in the missional church movement, deal with the pain we feel as we listen to the discussion following the shooting of Trayvon Martin?  I fear that silence here could be misinterpreted. I think that those of us who carry white skin privilege can not remain silent. Silence is complicity, as the bumper sticker says.

Racism killed Trayvon Martin.

Yes, an individual Florida man held up his gun and pulled the trigger. But that man's life was shaped and formed by a country founded

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5 trends in social media and religion

Elizabeth Drescher, author of Tweet if You [heart] Jesus, and a plenary speaker at next year's missional church consultation, has a lovely short piece up at Religion Dispatches which explores five trends in social media that are intersecting with pastoral ministry. What do you think of her list?

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