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Let Us End with Prayer

By Karen Treat

Churches struggle.  Sometimes they are able to move beyond their brokenness.  Sometimes reconciliation is not found.  It is a process that is often complicated.   Yet, in the beginning, middle, and end it is about God.  It is about God and it is about the understanding that God is present right here and right now. 

Transformation for a church looking for direction begins with a new understanding of God.  God is not just of the living Word found

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Learning the Language of the Holy Spirit

By D. Grace Duddy

This post emerged out of the research from Duddy's M.A. Thesis, entitled "Hand, Voice, and Heart of God: An Adaptive Shift from Process to Practice in Discerning Communities.”

Most congregations today have lost the language of the Spirit. While they proclaim the Spirit’s work through communities and individuals in the Bible, they have a difficult time imagining, let alone naming, the ways in which the Spirit of God is working in their communities today. Congregations

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Missional Lab: Church Insider, Church Outsider

By Chase Smith

In the February 2012 issue of The Lutheran magazine, Bishop Mike Rinehart of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America contributed an article that ruffled a few feathers.  Bishop Rinehart opens up the piece, entitled “Insiders and Outsiders,” with these words:

Here's my hunch. Everything for me rises or falls on this bet. I'm putting all my eggs in this basket: The turnaround of mainline churches will happen when we in those

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Missional Lab: Loving the Least of These

by Eric Hoffer

"We're different, here at my church.  We aren't captive to the world."  Have you ever encountered such a place? A Christian community where they see themselves as something special, something holy, something different? Sometimes these places are wonderful, filled with wonderful people with wonderful hearts doing wonderful things for those in need. Quite often, though, when we call ourselves different, we establish boundaries between us and them

In her book,

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Missional Lab: What's the God of the Cross Up to?

By Patrick Torbit

It was a hot summer evening in New Hampshire. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor of the sanctuary of my internship  congregation. Tied to my right wrist was an orange bandana.  Surrounding me was my tribe, about fifteen energized third and fourth graders. On second thought, energized might be an understatement. It was the end of Vacation Bible School, and the curriculum we were using invited us to ask the kids for their “God sightings,” that is,

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