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Campbell's Soup - Stupid Like a Fox

Courtney Young is a May 2012 graduate of Luther Seminary - MDiv with an emphasis in Congregational Mission and Leadership. Missional, millenial and now, a new mother, Courtney shares her thoughts with us here:

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the church and social media.  Partly because I used to work in seminary relations so I got to troll a lot of bad church websites and snicker because it's not 1995 anymore.  Partly because I recently attended a consultation that was tackling the

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I want my, I want my, I want my MTV....

In his daily post on his in the meantime blog, Luther Seminary professor David Lose hits the proverbial Refomation nail on its digital media head.

Just a little post-Enlightenment missional nostalgia in honor of Reformation Day, check it out.

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Being welcoming to young people

Here's a provocative piece that begins by reflecting on the Pew report we mentioned earlier, and then continues with a set of suggestions for changing church practice in welcoming young people. Among the suggestions, author Sam Davidson lists "get social," "marry everyone," "renovate," "new schedules" and "context as text." Check it out and tell us what you think!

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Good read: Dwight Zscheile's 'People of the Way'

Alan Roxburgh has posted a favorable review of Dwight Zscheile's new book, People of the Way

Zscheile is an Episcopal priest who is assistant professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary.

In People of the Way, he draws on multiple streams of Anglican thought and practice, plus contemporary experience to craft a vision for mission that addresses the church's post-establishment, post-colonial context. With stories, practices and concrete illustrations, Zscheile

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Missional outreach in rural contexts

Here's a great site full of useful -- and free! -- resources for engaging in outreach and evangelism in rural contexts. The site is written specifically for the UK context, but there is much that is applicable across rural contexts globally.

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