Discerning Mission

Mission as creating space in the community

What can ministry look like "outside of the box?" For Kristina Fruge it means “I have been a facilitator for creating space in the community, and then that’s where God works. When those people are gathered together around something, whether it’s a need or a particular problem, or an exciting idea, when people gather together around some common piece, then God seems to reveal direction and opportunity, and put the right people in connection with each other. That’s what makes

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2011 Missional Church Consultation videos

A Faithful Future: A Conversation about the missional church and the first third of life

The Seventh Annual Consultation on the Missional Church, held Nov. 4-5, 2011

Here is a list of videos and discussion resources first posted on FirstThird.org, Center for First Third Ministry at Luther Seminary.

  • Preview Video: Dr. Terri Elton discusses the Missional Church and the First Third of Life

"Cultivating a Consequential Faith in a Consumer-Driven World: From Object to Subject to Agent"

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Spirituality and sabbath

What are people doing on Sunday morning? That's the question Joel Xavier asked in his research. He was particularly interested in how people's sense of themselves as religious connected with what they choose to do on Sunday mornings. Take a listen!

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Issuing a challenge to missional leaders

Ok all you missional church leaders! Here's a challenge: what would you offer as an alternative to this young man and his passionate critique of religion? How might you invite him (and others like him) into communal mission in the Word?

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What supports evangelism?

Here's an interesting reflection by a Lutheran pastor in Chicago, as he ponders the success -- and lack thereof -- of his efforts to invite his friends to church. I was struck by this comment, in particular:

Perhaps the power of God to call people through the church resides not in familiarity, or comfort, or the safety of an extended prior relationship. Perhaps it comes through an encounter with something new, surprising, even a little scary.

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