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Campbell's Soup - Stupid Like a Fox

Courtney Young is a May 2012 graduate of Luther Seminary - MDiv with an emphasis in Congregational Mission and Leadership. Missional, millenial and now, a new mother, Courtney shares her thoughts with us here:

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the church and social media.  Partly because I used to work in seminary relations so I got to troll a lot of bad church websites and snicker because it's not 1995 anymore.  Partly because I recently attended a consultation that was tackling the

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Really, I'm not that different...

I read articles all through seminary like "Spiritual Nomads," an article The Lutheran published to offer their explanation about what makes us Millennials tick (i.e. why don't we come to church).  I used to read these articles and wonder myself why my peers didn't go to church.  What wasn't working for them?  What was I getting that they weren't?  Now that I have moved to a new town, been unemployed for five months, am preparing to have a baby, and, most importantly, am not serving

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