Discerning Mission

Young people asking big questions

The Meaning of Life

Dr. Michael Jinkins, the president of Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, notes that: "Young adults are searching for meaning that is not just of their own making and for purpose that transcends. They are looking for answers to life’s most persistent questions, the Big Questions, and they are finding in themselves longings unmet in a culture obsessed with itself and lacking a reference point for meaning beyond its own preoccupations.

The fact that the parents of many of these young people do not believe doesn’t mean that the game is over. In fact, it means just the opposite.

These young people, incidentally, are not asking to be entertained. They are seeking something much deeper. They are seeking faith. And faith is as much (if not more) about reverence, awe, and wonder for the Holy, who utterly transcends us, as it is about a set of beliefs we may or may not share."

Dr. Jinkins' essay includes links to a number of recent reports, and suggests ways that those of us who are concerned with missional leadership might engage young adults.

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