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Every so often I run across interesting reflections from people outside of the "church world," reflections that I think all of us who are seeking to serve in missional leadership could learn from. Here's a great post about inter-cultural learning, written by Susan Campion, who is a consultant and businesswoman based in the Twin Cities. Among other aspects of her vocation, she mentors high school students at the High School for the Recording Arts. She shares six lessons she learned from her time working in Milan, Italy:

(1) Understand that you don't know what you don't know

(2) Investments in building good relationships are good investments

(3) Be open to new opportunities created by your unique position [as an outsider]

(4) Be curious

(5) Be able to adapt (on the fly!) to the strengths of the system

(6) Be appreciative.

These are just the highlights -- read the whole essay!

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