Discerning Mission

Rethinking "Welcome"

"A radically welcoming community seeks to welcome the voices, presence and power of all people — especially those who have been defined as The Other, pushed to the margins, cast out, silenced and closeted — so they can help to shape the congregation’s common life and fulfill the reconciling dream of God."

Stephanie Spellers, Treasurer, Canon
for Missional Vitality, Diocese of
Long Island / Keynote Presenter

For Stephanie Spellers the secret of evangelism begins in the margins and and is centered on deeply listening to, wholeheartedly embracing, and incarnationally embodying the gospel to those forgotten by an ever changing world.

Stephanie Spellers is just one of the brilliant voices at the Rethinking Evangelism conference July 22-24 at Luther Seminary in St. Paul. Join us and add your voice to the mix.


As you rethink evangelism… what do you wonder?

We welcome your thoughts, questions, and observations. Post here and join the conversation.

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