Discerning Mission

Discerning gratitude

Discernment for missional leadership must never become a recipe, but living in gratitude has to be one of the ways in which we honor God. Here's a thoughtful reflection on gratitude from a resource somewhat on the margins of religious community -- and therefore all the more pointed. Read the whole piece, but here's a brief taste:

Spiritual practice is all about noticing and creating choices – about coaxing our minds and hearts out of their entrenched habits of anxious self-absorption. With practice, we gradually become attuned to the Love that infuses, embraces, and sustains all things. Especially in fearful times, we can help each other to practice gratitude and to cultivate a sense of wonder about the sheer miracle of being alive, about the gift of this unlikely moment. Life is so precious and so brief! In every encounter we can help each other to stay awake. We can fix our attention on all the ways that Love can flow through us right here, right now, whatever our circumstances may be.

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