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Christ in the keyboard...

The new issue of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics arrived in our inbox yesterday. Along with an excellent set of essays about the interface of religion and technology, the email included this photo illustration of an 'enter' key shaped as a cross. The juxtaposition of the cross (the place where God meets us through Christ in our deepest despair) with a keyboard key (a symbol of efficiency and finality... 'click enter and you're done') brings to mind the paradox of living in this high-tech age where the burgeoning global media explosion is rendering age-old institutions, practices and symbols ineffective, if not obsolete.

Could it be that the cross, as portrayed here, is not so much an entry into a place (such as heaven or eternity or salvation) but rather into a life- and world-changing relationship with the living God in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit... a relationship that transcends all known boundaries and limits?

If anything, it's worth taking a moment away from your own keyboard, or smart screen, or touch pad to ponder what it means to enter the cross of Christ.

Pax and pixels.

Scott Simmons

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