Discerning Mission

Remembering Reformation

There was an interesting facebook conversation on the ELCA Clergy Group this past weekend. The topic was about whether or not it is appropriate to tweet or live-blog a worship service. Clint Schnekloth (the facebook group's moderator and one of the workshop leaders at the upcoming Consultation on the Missional Church) made this very interesting point: Tweeting or live-blogging worship "would be quite a bit like the way hearers in the Reformation took notes during the sermon in order to turn them into published postils." 

In what ways do you see the current explosion of social media changing the way that the Good News of Christ is being shared and spread? Where is God in all of this? Are we, the church, called to embrace social media in the same way that the early reformers embraced the printing press? 

It's certainly something worth exploring. So why don't you join us at Luther Seminary for the Consultation on the Missional Church November 9-10 as we dig into the missional church and global media cultures?

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