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Good read: Dwight Zscheile's 'People of the Way'

Alan Roxburgh has posted a favorable review of Dwight Zscheile's new book, People of the Way

Zscheile is an Episcopal priest who is assistant professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary.

In People of the Way, he draws on multiple streams of Anglican thought and practice, plus contemporary experience to craft a vision for mission that addresses the church's post-establishment, post-colonial context. With stories, practices and concrete illustrations, Zscheile engages readers in re-envisioning what it means to be Anglican in America today and sends readers out to build new relationships within their local contexts.

Roxburgh commented:

Zscheile demonstrates that one can patiently and lovingly read one’s own tradition from the inside in order to name what has gone wrong then one can also find in that tradition the resources for framing missional life. He shows that one doesn’t need to uproot and tear down the churches but re-enter them from the perspectives of ones tradition. This book is a welcome invitation to discover the ways of renewing identity for the sake of the kingdom.

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