Discerning Mission

New Book Explores Spiritual Formation from a Missional Perspective

Cultivating Sent Communities: Missional Spiritual Formation (edited by Dwight Zscheile) has just been released by Eerdmans. This volume of essays from the 2010 Missional Church Consultation at Luther Seminary engages the question of how leaders can help create missional faith communities that participate in God's healing of the world. It reimagines spiritual formation through the lens of mission, covering such topics as the role of Scripture, congregational discernment, and short-term missions. Case studies are offered from diverse contexts, including Ethiopia, England, Leipzig, and San Francisco. Contributors are Dinku Bato, Nancy Going, Scott Hagley, David Hahn, Allen Hilton, Dirk Lange, Richard Osmer, Christian Scharen and Dwight Zscheile. 

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