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Trauma and anxiety

Pat Keifert has a powerful reflection on his recent experiences with leaders across various church systems in the most recent Church Innovations newsletter. He writes about leaders who are struggling to cope with the changes they are facing, and uses the language of trauma response to name the kind of anxiety they are enduring. He also suggests some useful ways to reframe the realities we all must engage: 

In the Christian tradition we have very practical, time-tested, and powerful ways to respond to this trauma, the adaptive denial, and the temptation to believe we can control our anxieties well enough to hide them. These practical, time-tested, ways grow out of the tradition of dwelling in God’s word, especially the lectio divina tradition, in its Catholic and Evangelical forms. These practices of prayer and attending to God’s word directly address the whole person, including the irreducibly anxious self. They are, within the Christian tradition, a very present way of attending to the movement of God in our lives and in the world.

His essay is definitely worth reading!

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