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New religion and media MA degree


Here's Mark Vitalis Hoffman at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg talking about the new masters degree in religion and media that Gettysburg and Luther are entering into together. I'll be co-teaching the first course in the program with Kristin Largen from Gettysburg. That course will take place in an intensive two week format at the end of August on Gettysburg's campus. I hope you'll share news of this opportunity with missional leaders -- Gettysburg is even offering great funding

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Missional church planting

Nice to see that The Christian Century is finally able to see what some of us in this movement have known for a long time -- God is drawing forth new communities all over the place! We particularly enjoy seeing our own Mary Sue Dreier quoted approvingly.

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New Book Explores Spiritual Formation from a Missional Perspective

Cultivating Sent Communities: Missional Spiritual Formation (edited by Dwight Zscheile) has just been released by Eerdmans. This volume of essays from the 2010 Missional Church Consultation at Luther Seminary engages the question of how leaders can help create missional faith communities that participate in God's healing of the world. It reimagines spiritual formation through the lens of mission, covering such topics as the role of Scripture, congregational discernment, and short-term missions.

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Remembering Trayvon Martin

How do we, in the missional church movement, deal with the pain we feel as we listen to the discussion following the shooting of Trayvon Martin?  I fear that silence here could be misinterpreted. I think that those of us who carry white skin privilege can not remain silent. Silence is complicity, as the bumper sticker says.

Racism killed Trayvon Martin.

Yes, an individual Florida man held up his gun and pulled the trigger. But that man's life was shaped and formed by a country founded

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A missional imagination

Gary Simpson offers some insights into how the confessional and missional are spliced together:

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