Discerning Mission

God is at work in the margins... are we?

Ruben Duran, the ELCA's Director for New Congregations, tells a powerful story of how God's Spirit is at work in the margins of society, calling missional leaders to learn and serve with people experiencing poverty, homelessness and marginalization. He's bringing this story to the Rethinking Evangelism Conference July 22-24 at Luther Seminary.  Register Today and join us as we engage powerful stories of God's liberating action in the midst of our changing contexts and

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Hearing, Seeing and Tasting God - the senses and evangelism

From his key role in helping lead the South African Duch Reformed Church out of its Apartheid-era inwardness to his leadership in exploring new ways to convene church (check out the Open Door Cafe) or hospitably listen, Pastor and Professor Jannie Swart is on the leading edge of evangelism.   

Join Jannie Swart at the Rethinking Evangelism conference at Luther Seminary July 22-24

And feel free to share your story here... or join us at the conference. Register Today.

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"I have no strategy for you... but I have some pretty good stories to tell..." Nadia Bolz-Weber

What's in a story? Perhaps even more to the point, how does God use the stories of our own lives to bring hope and life, love and peace to a struggling world? How might story be an entry point to relationship and true sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ?

Join Nadia Bolz-Weber at the Rethinking Evangelism conference at Luther Seminary July 22-24

Share your story here... or join us at the conference. Register Today.

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'being' church...

"The challenge of reconstructing evangelism will not be an easy task. For the gospel to which evangelism invites persons is, by the standards of the Enlightenment, incredible; according to the logic of the market, it is cost-ineffective; measured by modern, liberal notions of the social, it is uncivil; by the standards of an aesthetics formed by the capitalist discipline of desire, it is repulsive; and by the chaplaincy standards of Christendom, it may prove to be neither useful nor helpful."

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Rethinking "Welcome"

"A radically welcoming community seeks to welcome the voices, presence and power of all people — especially those who have been defined as The Other, pushed to the margins, cast out, silenced and closeted — so they can help to shape the congregation’s common life and fulfill the reconciling dream of God."

Stephanie Spellers, Treasurer, Canon
for Missional Vitality, Diocese of
Long Island / Keynote Presenter

For Stephanie Spellers the secret of evangelism begins in the margins

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