Discerning Mission

How To Start a Church Without Money

Humble Walk mission developer, Rev. Jodi Houge, reflects on the benefits of being broke.

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Responses to 'Love Wins'

Pastor and author Rob Bell has stirred the conversational pot in recent months with his newest book, Love Wins.

Responses to the book have varied widely, as this sampling of reviews reveals.

Bell's fellow emergent church leaders have also weighed in, as has Luther Seminary's own Dr. David Lose.

Some congregations have begun engaging Love Wins in small group studies.  Here a Luther seminarian shares the talking points they found helpful in discussing the book with congregation members.


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Inviting People Into God's Story

How might we invite people into God's story, especially people who are not very familiar with the biblical narrative?  Dr. Karoline Lewis ponders with us in this video:


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The Economy of God

In this sermon, Rev. Nick Utphall ('04), a pastor serving just outside of Madison, WI, invites us to consider what God is up to in the midst of current events, and how we as children of God are called to live in a world full of civil tension.

7th Sunday after Epiphany – 20 Feb 11

Matthew 5:38-48; Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18

Hymn: Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace (ELW #716)

Collective bargaining.

It’s a term more familiar to us this week than ever before. For some, it was that it crowded

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B Is For Living Into Our Baptism

Lumen Christi

In this Jan. 2011 service celebrating the Baptism of Our Lord, Dr. Lois Malcolm powerfully unpacks what it means to live into our baptism:

What makes Jesus’ baptism so unique is that it is a baptism into a life that will culminate in a death that bears the diseases and sins of all people and a resurrection that releases them from all oppressive powers, even the power of death. Thus, when we are baptized into Jesus’ death and resurrection, our old sinful self, which has been enslaved

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