With Missional Leadership

Missional leadership emerges when we bring our ideas, hopes, failures and dreams into focus through dialogue and shared inquiry.

By gathering people together for imaginative struggle, we learn what’s working and what’s not in our rapidly changing ministry contexts.

Discerning Mission

Interim ministry as a missional opportunity

Recent Luther DMin alum, Chris Hagen, talks about his research project which sought to approach interim ministry not as an effort to help a congregation "solve a problem," but rather as an opportunity to help a congregation listen to what the Holy Spirit might be inviting them to engage.

Chris Hagen from Discerning Mission on Vimeo.

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by Joshua Linman

Take about 3 minutes and watch just the beginning of this video:

What I loved about this sermon starter video is more than the solid production values and great storytelling -- it was the message shared.

Instead of re-reading our original instruction manual we have been trying to produce a discipleship harvest by pushing and pulling the Church under our own power. We have created programs and structures that distort the true purpose of faith communities and box in the Holy Spirit.

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A Faithful Future: Event Preview

Seventh Annual Consultation on the Missional Church

November 4-5, 2011

A Faithful Future

How does the church remain faithful, while also being open and imaginative?

The church finds itself at an important crossroads. Aspects of church are being questioned, new challenges are stressing current practices and old answers are not sufficient for current circumstances. In the midst of this reality, however, some believe that the future of the church has great promise.

Those participating in the Missional Church conversation

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Should numbers count?

Festival of Homiletics - photo by LutherSeminary

One of the terms from the Luther Seminary "insider language" book that used to be bug me a lot was when people would start their description of their church by saying something like "we worship 200 on Sunday." I would immediately wonder: 200 what? Who are you worshiping?

Eventually I began to understand what people meant by that phrase, or perhaps just got more inured to it. In any case, the issue of "numbers" continues to fascinate pastoral leaders. Consider this post, for instance, where James

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What blogs do you read?

We're working on compiling a list of blogs to keep an eye on, and we'd like to include the blogs you read regularly, particularly blogs by Luther CML grads.

Check out Pr. Rob Moss' blog (at left), for instance.

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