Discerning Mission

Practicing discipleship with youth


Terri Elton offers a compelling argument for how to practice discipleship with youth in a missional context.

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Do denominations have a future?

Long time followers of the missional church conversation will know that we have been grappling for some time with the challenges of institutionalized Christianity. Are denominational structures useful? Are there ways in which the decline of denominations might be opening up new room for the Spirit? These are questions we've long struggled with, yet they have not been particularly mainstream or popular questions. Imagine our surprise, then, when a column by Ross Douthat in the NYTimes evoked a full

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Prairie Star Ministries

Here's a short introduction to an innovative small church collaborative in southwestern Minnesota:

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Teaching, learning and diversity

In addition to Dr. Willie James Jennings' lecture, we invited a panel of faculty -- Dr. Eric Barreto, Dr. Amy Marga, and Dr. Christian Scharen -- to "think out loud" with us on the pedagogical implications of his work for our mission together at Luther:

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Reflecting on ecclesiology and ethnography

Back in May, Dr. Chris Scharen hosted a two-day conference at Luther which explored the interplay of ecclesiology and ethnography. Here Dr. Terri Elton offers some reflections on the meeting, and poses questions worth pondering:

What does it mean to bridge theology, in particular ecclesiology, and the social sciences? Is pursing such a bridge even a worthy endeavor? What motivates the search for this bridge? What benefit does such a pursuit have for the greater good?

In the room, ruminating on such

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