Discerning Mission

I want my, I want my, I want my MTV....

In his daily post on his in the meantime blog, Luther Seminary professor David Lose hits the proverbial Refomation nail on its digital media head.

Just a little post-Enlightenment missional nostalgia in honor of Reformation Day, check it out.

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Remembering Reformation

There was an interesting facebook conversation on the ELCA Clergy Group this past weekend. The topic was about whether or not it is appropriate to tweet or live-blog a worship service. Clint Schnekloth (the facebook group's moderator and one of the workshop leaders at the upcoming Consultation on the Missional Church) made this very interesting point: Tweeting or live-blogging worship "would be quite a bit like the way hearers in the Reformation took notes during the sermon in order to turn them

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Being welcoming to young people

Here's a provocative piece that begins by reflecting on the Pew report we mentioned earlier, and then continues with a set of suggestions for changing church practice in welcoming young people. Among the suggestions, author Sam Davidson lists "get social," "marry everyone," "renovate," "new schedules" and "context as text." Check it out and tell us what you think!

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The rise of the "nones"

There's a new Pew Report out, with clear indication that there is an increase in those who say they have "no religion." Rev. Clint Schnekloth has by far the most interesting response I've seen, arguing that:

As a weird hipster Lutheran...I am, to begin with, happy with the increase in the number of people reporting their status as "nones." I am happy that the nones feel free to be authentic about their religious commitments (or lack thereof). The Pew report states, "These trends suggest that the

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Being missional is being present

Being present is at once the most basic part of being a pastor, and the hardest. Here's a poem of a day from a sole pastor. I'll give you the conclusion to entice you to read the whole piece:

The truth is, honey, we're all wiping out all the time. There's a little bit of everything every day. Sometimes we can hide it under cute trouser jeans or behind the grace of a hopeful outing. But don't be fooled. We're all in it.

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