Discerning Mission

How to be an un-welcoming congregation

[Author’s preface: In my travels I have visited many churches (mainly Lutheran) and have experienced both the best and the worst in terms of how congregations welcome or do not welcome outsiders. Some well-intentioned efforts go awry and can be counter-productive. Sometimes the effort is not even made to welcome newcomers. I have the impression that many congregations are not even aware of how unwelcoming they can be or how their behaviors can accomplish the opposite of what they intend.

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Really, I'm not that different...

I read articles all through seminary like "Spiritual Nomads," an article The Lutheran published to offer their explanation about what makes us Millennials tick (i.e. why don't we come to church).  I used to read these articles and wonder myself why my peers didn't go to church.  What wasn't working for them?  What was I getting that they weren't?  Now that I have moved to a new town, been unemployed for five months, am preparing to have a baby, and, most importantly, am not serving

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Missional thought of the day...

Ran across this interesting video from Brian McLaren... how does his video relate to your understanding of the missional church today?

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Tweeting the Consultation...

Last weekend's Consultation on the Missional Church - The Road to Emmaus: Missional Church and Global Media Cultures - was a treasure-trove of rich conversation. But not all of it emerged from a lecture hall at Luther Seminary in St. Paul. There was a rich and robust twitterchat going on around during the presentations, and into the time between.

For those of you who weren't able to join us, and for those of you who participated but would like to look back at the twitter chat, we present it here

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Christ in the keyboard...

The new issue of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics arrived in our inbox yesterday. Along with an excellent set of essays about the interface of religion and technology, the email included this photo illustration of an 'enter' key shaped as a cross. The juxtaposition of the cross (the place where God meets us through Christ in our deepest despair) with a keyboard key (a symbol of efficiency and finality... 'click enter and you're done') brings to mind the paradox of living in this high-tech age where

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