Discerning Mission

As We Rethink Evangelism...

"Many church members today recognize that evangelism is vitally necessary for the church to have a future amidst widespread decline. At the same time, few prospects provoke greater dread and discomfort. This conference offers an opportunity to reframe evangelism in a grounded, holistic, accessible way for a new apostolic age."

Dwight Zscheile, assistant professor
congregational mission and leadership
Luther Seminary / keynote presenter

The Rethinking Evangelism conference brings nationally known

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Campbell's Soup - Stupid Like a Fox

Courtney Young is a May 2012 graduate of Luther Seminary - MDiv with an emphasis in Congregational Mission and Leadership. Missional, millenial and now, a new mother, Courtney shares her thoughts with us here:

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the church and social media.  Partly because I used to work in seminary relations so I got to troll a lot of bad church websites and snicker because it's not 1995 anymore.  Partly because I recently attended a consultation that was tackling the

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Exploring scholarly approaches to mission

The international journal Missiology, the premier journal in the field, has made its current issue (January 2013) available for free online this month. If you're curious about the scholarly discussion on missional leadership -- and we hope you will be -- check it out. In particular our own Terri Elton has an excellent piece on the intersection of missiology and youth ministry, and there are compelling pieces on narrative engagement, undergraduate perceptions of mission, and hip hop theology in relation

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Discerning gratitude

Discernment for missional leadership must never become a recipe, but living in gratitude has to be one of the ways in which we honor God. Here's a thoughtful reflection on gratitude from a resource somewhat on the margins of religious community -- and therefore all the more pointed. Read the whole piece, but here's a brief taste:

Spiritual practice is all about noticing and creating choices – about coaxing our minds and hearts out of their entrenched habits of anxious self-absorption. With

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Spiritual direction and missional leadership

Here's a very thoughtful reflection, written in the context of a spiritual direction training program, on spiritual direction as a form of missional ministry. A brief excerpt:

Spurning the attractional methods of much of contemporary American Christianity, the missional church is incarnational -- it seeks to be the hands and feet of God at work in the world. Frost and Hirsch say, "By incarnational we mean it does not create sanctified spaces into which unbelievers must come to encounter the gospel.

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